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Entrepreneurs turn ideas into business ventures, in most cases these enterprises starts little and grow big after some years, but this fact is peculiar to a small fragment compared to the total number of businesses that kicked off as a result of poor or lack of coaching, mentoring, knowledge upgrade, education, training to improve skills and other needful support services

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E–marketing / Online marketing

E-marketing or online marketing is a medium Beshon Konsult has used over years to promote and advertise our client's brands,products and services on the internet. The internet is a powerful tool to connect your business with millions of people around the world. By putting your business online; you are giving your business the capability to be known worldwide and have it patronized by your target market and in return create streams of profit for your business.

By exercising our technical expertise and creative aspects of the worldwide web,such as advertising, designing, development and sales. Our services also include email marketing, electronic customer relationship management, promotional activities etc.


Social Media Marketing

We help carry your business's message from your business platforms unto fun, relaxation and socializing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln, Google, Youtube, Bellanaija and other sites where there is online traffic and we focus on your targeted clients/customers while creating value for your organization.

When you sign up to our service, you get the following instant benefits:

  • It drives traffic to your business( increased customer base)
  • Saves cost and time of advertisment
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Reaching people with genuine interest in your brand
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Trust establishment

Offline Marketing

Benshon Konsult brings your business to the face of your prospective customers and fans by making your products, brands and services popular through proven and improved methods including advertisement on newspapers, magazines, exhibition shows, print media(like the yellow pages,buses,benches and billboards) sponsoring events, partnership,radio jingles and TV advertisements.