Company in Lines

Entrepreneurs turn ideas into business ventures, in most cases these enterprises starts little and grow big after some years, but this fact is peculiar to a small fragment compared to the total number of businesses that kicked off as a result of poor or lack of coaching, mentoring, knowledge upgrade, education, training to improve skills and other needful support services

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Website Development & Management

In this age of high technology and unbelievable presence, online activities such as online shopping, service provision, training etc. Therefore “businesses are fast leaving the ground to the air”(online), however for your business not to vanish and go out of patronage as a result of technology advancement; Beshon Konsult has however stepped in to bridge that gap for your business and organization.

We will help you design, manage and launch /host your business online to enable you reach more of your client in less time and cost thereby maximizing your profit.

We also provide our clients the service of managing their websites - upgrading and updating contents on their website or blog.


Content Development / Copywriting

Our organization provides your business the service of authoring, research, gathering, organizing, writing and editing information for publication on your blog or website so as to raise your company's brand awareness.


We are interested in making your business strive and out shine its competitors in the market place by using set of marketing and communication methods that will help distinguish your company from competitors and create lasting impression in the minds of customers. We specifically provide brand identity, brand communication (logo,trademark) brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand strategy services.

We help you in all these processes; giving you the best logo, best co-operate image and identity, help you with the world’s leading strategy, advertisement and marketing “tricks/magic” to keep your business outstanding.


We are experts in redeeming and reviving such businesses by using our marketing strategy - new name, term, symbol, design, or combination of some set of tools to re-establish your brand. This is to create a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors,and other stakeholders of the business, just to be perceived differently.